Dave Campfield

Writer / Director / Founder of Fourth Horizon Cinema

On the basis of his first script, Dave Campfield won over a Hollywood agent. However, while receiving across the board positive reviews from the studios, the script remained limbo. Having grown disheartened with Hollywood gridlock, Campfield opted to go it alone and produce a feature himself. That film, Dark Chamber, had a successful run in the film festivals, and was picked up for distribution by Pop Cinema for a February 2008 release.

After signing the deal with Pop Cinema, Campfield soon inked a deal on another feature, Caesar and Otto's Summer Camp Massacre. A throwback to the Comedy/Horror cross-overs of the 40s and 50s, the film co-starred horror icons Felissa Rose, Brinke Stevens, Joe Estevez, and Trai Byers who went on to star in Fox TV's smash hit Empire. Summer Camp received a limited theatrical run in September 2011 followed by a DVD release.

2013 saw the release of Caesar & Otto's Deadly Xmas, a sequel that heavily spoofed the cult classic Silent Night, Deadly night and even featured Linnea Quigley in a role that lampooned her appearance in the 1984 cult classic. After a successful DVD and VOD release in North America, Xmas aired on cable television in New Zealand. More recently, Xmas played on the new launched Monster Channel.

Caesar & Otto's Paranormal Halloween was released in Halloween of 2015 and has been hailed as the best of the series by critics and fans alike. The movie picked up several national awards and featured Vernon Wells (Road Warrior) Sean Whalen (People Under the Stairs), Tiffany Shepis and Andre Gower (The Monster Squad) in guest appearances. A DVD box set of the Caesar & Otto series is in the works by Wild Eye Releasing for Fall of 2017.

To date, Campfield's films have garnered positive reviews from such media outlets as aintitcool news, Film Threat, Fangoria and Video Watchdog magazine amongst many others.

Campfield is currently readying his next production, a psychological horror entitled AWAKEN THE REAPER which already placed amongst the finalists at a previous Slamdance Horror screenwriting competition. Campfield considers this script his most personal.